This year I and the family went to Sweden for Christmas to meet up with family for the first time in many years. For all of you who has not been to Sweden it is normally harsh weather and kind of greyish in December. If it is overcast and the sun is hiding (very normal conditions) you need to wrap up the iso and your images gets somewhat noisy. One day I met up with an old army friend, who I havent seen in about 15 years or so, and his photography buddies. We met up in a nature reserve in Särö on the west coast of Sweden. It was a grey, rainy, windy and cold day so the conditions where not the best. Fortunately the rain stopped just before we set out. I choose some of the best images of the day for a mini-gallery below. Some decent images and very nice to meet up with an old friend so overall a good day 🙂

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