Malta might not be well known for its wildlife except from the extensive migration of birds over the islands every year. We do have other subjects to photograph here such as the Mediterranean Chameleon. At this time of the year the island is teeming of little baby chameleons. Although very hard to find due to their camouflage and size they are there. Last week I was out looking for these small cuties and managed to find one. I tried photographing it but it looked quite stressed and changed to a dark colour so I left it alone. Chameleons change to a darker hue when feeling stressed or threatened.

Yesterday I tried going to the same spot again and managed to find what I believe to be the same individual. This time he felt more relaxed with me around and remained green. It was late in the day and the sun was high in the sky so not optimal for photography but I spent an hour or so with him. I got some decent shots for my project and most importantly a great hour of his company.