This year I have decided to try to work more locally here in Malta. Presently we have the bird migration going on here in Malta. Birds migrating from Europe to Africa to spend the winter in a more pleasant climate (I don’t blame them…) A local bird watcher and photographer suggested I go to Buskett which is a semi-wild woodland in Malta. I had to squeeze in my visit between other family-related activities (as always… 🙂 and I knew I was going at a bad time of the day but I wanted to check it out to see if it was any good for photography so I gave it a shot. The spot was a beautiful elevated spot with excellent views. Not many birds unfortunately but that is probably more due to the time of day I visited than the actual location. I saw some Honey buzzards, a few bee-eaters and some other “less exotic” species. Unfortunately they were all too far away for any decent photography but at least I got a feel for the location and I will definitely go there again. I did get some decent shots though… Of a dragonfly 🙂 This very often happens here in Malta I have noticed. I go out for chameleons and come home with praying mantis, I go out for birds I get dragonflies etc etc.

As long as I come home with something useful I am happy!

untitled shoot-101