I am excited to let you know that I recently partnered up with BLOC Eyewear. I have used their sunglasses for a few years now and I love them. I bought my first pair on an airport somewhere. I had left my sunglasses at home by mistake and I needed a new pair for my trip. I found a pair I liked and that was very comfortable. When I am out in the field I ALWAYS use sunglasses and since I sometimes use them for rather extended hours it is important that they are comfortable. The California model that I had purchased (I now have 3 pairs) ticked all the boxes.

The BLOC-representative over in the UK sent me some new models which I will take with me on my next adventure to Finland in September. I will give them a good beating and see if they measure up.

I am also working together with BLOC to see if we can give you guys some good offers, freebies or similar so check this website or my Facebook page regularly for updates.

Be safe!