Day 2 started of nicely. After some searching we found Malaika the famous cheetah and her two remaining cubs. The two cubs are 1-2 months old at the moment and full of energy. At this age, harassing their mother and each other is their favourite pastime. She actually gave birth to more cubs this time around but young cheetahs are often killed by lions and hyenas. Malaika is a very experienced hunter and mother so our hopes are that she can keep the remaining 2 safe. During the day we were photographing the more common animals on the plains such as hyenas, wildebeest and zebras.

The highlight of the day was the lioness hunting down a baby warthog in the afternoon. She dutifully carried this tiny meal back to her waiting sister and their cubs. The little piglet is hardly a snack for one lioness, let alone 7 lions. We enjoyed seeing the adult and the young playing in the grass until it was time to head back.

Kenya Maasai Mara Photo Adventures