Japan Diary – Day 7

Last morning with the eagles today. Yet another set of conditions… The pack-ice has moved too much eastwards, towards the Russian controlled Kuril Islands where the boats cannot go. This means that the eagles stay mostly around the harbour area. So totally different set of images again. The crew of the boats worked hard to get the eagles to dive for fish or to come close to the boat, but as always with nature you never know whats going to happen. Today the eagles seemed a bit laid back. Maybe not hungry enough after a few days of intense feeding in the pack-ice. Who knows… After some work we managed to get quite a few diving for the fish. Although, not as intense as previous mornings, in the end we walked away with quite a few images of the eagles after all.

After a lovely lunch with Japanese BBQ we packed all the gear in the cars again for the 3 hours drive back to Kushiro where we have another day with the lovely cranes before we head back to Tokyo and the Snow Monkeys.