Japan Diary – Day 11

So… The last day of photography has arrived and we are spending it once again with the monkeys of Hell Valley. The weather forecast predicted some snow and we were definitely hoping that the meteorologists got it right this time. Snow and snow monkeys kind of go together… In the morning there was a tiny amount of fresh powder on the ground but nothing substantial. It was a bit colder today so we had great hopes. In the early afternoon the snowfall arrived! Short but very intense at times. This obviously gave us different opportunities than the day before which is always a pleasure. I managed a variety of different shots during the course of the day.

As the day before we left around 5 and made our way back to the hotel to pack our things for the long day of travelling tomorrow – A few hour of trains, 12 hours wait at the airport and then a 17 hour flight to Malta via Frankfurt.

The photographic adventure has once again come to an end. Thank you for reading 🙂