A nice sleep-in today. Alarm went off at 05:30. Bags packed in the car to move to a new location after another session with the cranes. Again, a different location for the cranes. We have been at 3 different locations altogether. Each location with its own pros and cons which creates new challenges and opportunities and different images. For the type of images that I prefer to create I think this last location was my favourite.

After a 4-hour session with the cranes we refuelled the cars and left for Lake Kussharo – a 90 minute drive to the north. We’re staying for 2 nights and we have some landscapes and Whooper swans on the menu. We arrived early afternoon and managed a delicious Japanese lunch in a traditional restaurant and even a first session with the swans.

The lake is frozen but thanks to the thermal activity in the area the hot springs feed into the lake and keep some small areas open for the swans where they tend to congregate in quite a large number.

After our first “taste” of the swans we headed back to our cosy little Japanese guesthouse, had dinner and start downloading today’s images from the memory cards. Another great day with Wild Nature Fotoresor