All 7 guests in the @wild nature fotoresor group arrived safely yesterday evening and after a very traditional Japanese dinner we opted for an early night to be well rested for today’s adventures.

Alarm set for 3:30AM… An early morning start with a fresh -12C outside. Why so early you might ask? Well… We had a 30 minute drive to the location and to get a decent place you want to be there before the crowds appear. This specific location was on a bridge over a small river so space is obviously very limited.

When the warm rays of the rising sun meet the cool water of the river, a mist/fog is created. This mist together with the morning sun, the water and amazingly beautiful birds make the perfect setting for a crisp winter scene. If you are lucky and if the cranes decide to cooperate you can bag a bunch of very atmospheric images on a morning like this.

Once back at the hotel, a tasty and very colourful Japanese breakfast was waiting for us. Still a bit frozen after the morning session, some of us decided to go for a traditional thermal bath (onsen in Japanese) after breakfast. The 42 degree water come from natural hot springs.

After a few hours rest we went back put again for some more crane photography, but at a different location this time. Different location means different types of shots.