What does baryta paper mean?

The word ‘baryta’ comes from the word barite or barium sulphite. The short answer to the question is that the baryta paper is a photographic paper coated with barite (barium sulphate).

This paper is a great choice especially with black and white photos. Different baryta papers will have different qualities. Due to the coating on the papers all of these papers will have a sheen. The paper also offers rich blacks, contrast, sharpness and subtle tonal transitions. The high DMAX value on baryta papers means that they will produce deeper blacks. Hence the popularity with black and white photographers. This fibre-based paper also has great archival qualities.

I print most of my black and white fine art limited edition prints on this paper. The type or manufacturer might differ from one edition to another.

“The Dawn of Man” – Fine art print on Baryta paper.

The Dawn of Man printed on Baryta paper

The hand of a Japanese macaque reaching out.

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