Photography Fine Art Prints – 5 reasons why you should buy online

Photography Fine Art Prints – 5 reasons why you should buy online

Everyone has that one piece of art that changed their lives in some way. Maybe it was a painting in a museum they saw in a foreign country. Or maybe it was a black-and-white photograph they saw in an art gallery. They wish they would’ve bought it, but they can’t find it online and can’t remember the name of the artist. Maybe it was photography fine art prints in a mall that had been sold when they went back for it. Whatever it was, everyone has some version of “the one that got away.” They can see that piece clearly in their minds, but no matter how hard they search, they’ve never been able to find a physical copy again.

Fortunately, in today’s modern art world, it’s never been easier to buy photographic prints of your favorite pieces. And if my work has touched you in some way, why not invest in a fine art photography print that you can have hanging right in your own house? It won’t be one of those pieces that you can vaguely recall, but can’t quite remember the name of the artist–why, you ask yourself, didn’t you write it down? Instead, the piece will be vividly alive in your bedroom, office, or living room for you to enjoy every day. As you walk past the piece, you might smile to yourself thinking about how much you love the photo and how happy you are to own it.

You work hard for your money. Why not spoil yourself a little? If that’s not enough, here’s a few other reasons why you should buy photography fine art prints online.

1. You’re Directly Helping the Artist

If you’re a fan of an artist, why not consider being a patron of the arts? Centuries ago, kings and queens used to show appreciation to their favorite artists by funding their lifestyles so they could continue making artwork. You can continue this ancient tradition by buying pieces from your favorite artists. When you buy fine art prints online, you’re directly funding the artist so they can continue to make art for a living and produce works that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Me, myself and I at Hermaness, Shetland Islands, Scotland
Me, myself and I at Hermaness, Shetland Islands, Scotland Foto: Jennifer White LaBouff

Buying prints online might seem expensive, but consider this. You’re not just paying for a photograph. You’re paying for the skills, knowledge, and expertise that the photographer developed over a course of several years, practising in various places and traveling across the world to perfect his craft. When you see an award-winning photograph, you’re not seeing the thousands of images that were discarded along the way or the patience it took to get the image in question. Being a skilful photographer constantly creating great images takes years of dedication. It’s not as simple as “point and shoot”. If it were, everyone would do it. You’re paying for talent and the years of hard work that finally came together to make that piece that’s hanging in your office or bedroom.

2. You’re Making an Investment

Everyone’s familiar with the one basic rule of investing: don’t buy anything that’s going to depreciate in value. For example, cars start to depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot. Houses, on the other hand, tend to go up in value over time. And fine art prints are the same. And as artists gain more attention in the industry, gaining in popularity and collecting awards and accolades, their work becomes increasingly valuable.

Imagine if you were a beginning photographer who took a picture today. You might be able to sell that photo for a few bucks. But if you became a world-renowned photographer in your later years, that same snapshot would be viewed as your “early work” and might sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As the artist becomes more famous, their work becomes more valuable.

Photography fine art print in black and white of a Grey seal bull on a beach in the UK.
Grey seal bull in black and white.

3. You’re Sharing Your Love of Fine art prints with Others

Have you ever seen a photograph that blew you away, and you wanted others to have that feeling, too? You could show them a picture online, but somehow the image on the screen never seems to compare to seeing the image in person. When you own fine photography prints, you’re creating a veritable gallery in your home of your favorite works. Your friends and family can see your favorite pieces in person, instead of having to squint at a screen. “Where did that come from?” “Where did you buy it?”

Fine art print of a lion.
Fine art print of a lion.

Additionally, you might inspire others to start hanging art prints in their own home or office. We all know that one person who scoffs at art and photography, saying there’s nothing “artistic” about a simple photo or a bunch of lines on a canvas. But when they see a great piece in person, they might start to change their mind. Fine art can move the seemingly immovable, and turn even the hardest skeptic into an art appreciator. They might even go online and start browsing prints on their own or be moved to pick up a camera themselves.

4. You’re Getting a Signed Product that was Certified by the Artist

When you buy directly from the artist, you know you’re paying for a high-quality product. My prints are printed on thick, heavy duty paper that’s signed and numbered by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity. When you buy a limited edition print, you’re truly paying for a unique product that you won’t find anywhere else. And if you ever decide to sell, you’ll have the signature and certificate to prove that you’re selling the real thing and not a fake or a cheap rip-off.

Signature on fine art print

5. Pay for your photography fine art prints in Installments

When choosing to buy prints directly from me I offer a unique advantage in that you can pay for your print in instalments, rather than forking out the whole purchase prize at once. You can buy one of my prints by setting up an interest-free instalment plan. You’ll be able to order your print and enjoy it as soon as possible without waiting for a massive cash windfall.

Please contact me if you are interested in this option

When you order online, you also have the option of choosing from different sizes. Before you make a purchase, decide where you’re going to hang your print and see how much space on the wall you’ll need. You can choose a large piece if you want to make it the centerpiece of the wall, or a smaller print if you’d prefer to display it with other prints in your collection. Don’t be afraid to break out the measuring tape. You don’t want your print to arrive and suddenly realize that you don’t have enough space on the wall.

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