Black and white animal pictures

Black and white animal pictures

Black and white animal pictures are timeless. The way a photographer captures an animal in all its essence is something that easily transports to a piece of art. There’s so much more to a black and white photograph other than the colors. We’ll dive in to the design and beauty of black and white wildlife photography.

The Quality Of Black And White Animal Pictures

Photography was once only produced in black and white. Wildlife photography begs for the classic, fine art photography look of black and white because it takes away all distractions. The viewer is left with the animal. The lines, patterns and textures of the animal are all right there in the image. The green foliage that often surrounds the animal, the bright lights and the large trees often take over the animal’s spotlight. The black and white colors draw all of the spotlight on that animal. Emotions tell a story of the animal. It also adds a dramatic effect to the entire piece of art as a whole.

Black and White picture of brothers in arms resting in the narrow sliver of shade from a nearby dead tree.
Brothers in Arms resting in the narrow sliver of shade from a nearby dead tree.

The Timeless Quality

Fine art photography is all about using photography as a means of creative expression. It’s up to each person to decide the emotions used in the photography. One of the best things about black and white photography is the classic, timeless quality that it brings to an image. The creative expression bonds together with the timeless quality for a piece of art. Our minds instinctively often think of black and white photography as a throwback to the past. We think of these images frozen in time. These animals photographed in all of their black and white beauty could be from a century ago or from yesterday. The design is simply classic.

Minimalistic Look

Black and white animal pictures puts all of the focus on the main image. The negative space is easier to maintain in this type of art. This space is the areas of the frame that have nothing in them. The viewer focuses on the different areas of light and dark in the photo. The photographer can actually play with the negative space figuring out how to separate the main subject from the background. This gives a larger depth to the actual image. The animal in the frame seems to jump out of its space. It brings a sense of simplicity to the photo as a whole. The art is all about the animal and the lighting. The negative space is not a distraction.

Running Wildebeest captured with a longer-than-usual shutter speed in Masai Mara, Kenya
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Make a Statement with your black and white animal pictures

While black and white photography can be minimalistic, it can also make a statement. You can hang a large black and white photo of a lion enjoying its early morning stretching in the grass. The lion’s head back in a roar as its body rests on the ground. The black and white beauty of the lion brings the entire piece to life as it screams that its alive and ready for the day. Of course, this same piece of art can mean something different to each viewer. The large photo in black and white of an animal brings a message to the room.

Impact A Room

If you make a statement with a large photo, you can bring a big look to a small area. One piece of black and white photography can captivate your entire family. People will walk in and step back to admire your art. Many people love to put these pieces in their living area. The area above the sofa or the fireplace is usually a blank canvas for a work of art. Place a large piece like this anywhere on a large wall in your home. This wall should be able to hold the art that will display artwork full of emotions. Black and white photography creates a dramatic, luxurious look. It brings a sentimental feel to an area. One of the best things about a big black and white work of artist that the monochromatic look often complements your colorful family photos.

Black and white picture of a lion looking straight at us.
Black and White picture of a lion looking straight at the viewer. A statement piece.

The Black And White Effects

Animal photography isn’t just about a random animal grazing in the grass. It’s about the emotions the subject might convey. High-key processing allows the photographer to create different kinds of images with the same photo. One image may look cheerful because of the lighting while the same image with different lighting has a somber look. A low-key processed image is predominantly dark. Different effects or styles are all meant to convey a certain feel with the photo. The look of the animal, the motion and the action in the photo are meant to make the viewer connect with the piece of art.

Stylish Animal Artwork

One of the best things about black and white photography is it doesn’t go out of style. Animal artwork hanging in a home is stylish and classy at the same time. It doesn’t have a shelf life. The colors don’t have to go together perfectly in the room. Black and white bring a timeless look to any room. No one will argue that black and white photography is like yesterday’s green shaggy carpet or flowery wallpaper. It’s never going out of style.

Black and white animal photography brings life and art together. It conveys feelings of emotion and beautiful artwork in one place. There’s something to be said about the simple, elegant artwork of black and white animals in their own habitat.

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